Save 3% in Commission

Save AT LEAST $9,000 in REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONS with our **Equity Savers Program. Some properties will not quailfy, But many will. Look below to see if we can Sell your house and YOU can SAVE at least 9 grand. Call 678.770.5046


Trying to SAVE the entie Real Estate Commission? Then Our FSBO program may be just the thing. For as little as $75 bucks a month, we will market your property, AND, IF after 2 months, YOUR house does not sell, WE will refund 100% of the monies paid back to you IF you LIST your property with US.  Call the office for more info 770.281.9444

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Standard Listing

Our Standard Listing program is about the very BEST in the industry, See the List of features and services provided below. Just because your property MAY NOT QUALIFY for the Equity Saver program, doesn't mean that we can’t help. Our normal listing service still INCLUDES MORE than the standard listing services of the competition. Check it out.

say yes equity saver

 Save 3% In Real Estate Commissions (**equity saver)

Say Yes Realty, LLC charges less to sell your home. The typical total commission is 5% to 6%, with half paid to the seller’s agent and half to the buyer’s agent. Instead of charging 2.5% or 3% as a seller’s agent, Say Yes Realty, LLC charges 3.0% TOTAL. Period. We pay the selling agent 2% and we keep 1% as the listing company.

In a nutshell, you pay just 3.0 % of your home’s sale price when you sell with Say Yes Realty, LLC, instead of the traditional 6%. Call # 770.281.9444 for all the exciting details regarding our **Equity Savers Program. (**Certain restrictions Apply)

**Equity Savers Program - Guidelines/Restrictions

To Qualify for the **Equity Savers Program

  1. The Property must NOT have been "listed" in the MLS in the last 90 days.
  2. The Listed and Ultimate selling price of the property MUST be at least $300,000 (as per CD/HUD1).
  3. Property MUST be "listed" with Say Yes Realty, LLC for 6 months and as an exclusive listing agreement.
  4. No Land, Lots, or Commercial properties will qualify.

Standard Listing & Equity Savers Program Features

BOTH the "**Equity Savers" Program AND our "Standard" Listings INCLUDE ALL THE FOLLOWING.

  • Listed in the local MLS’(s)
  • High Impact yard sign installed*Lock box installed (for easy showings & track all showings)
  • Publish your property on hundreds of websites
  • *Publish your home/property on its own website/page*
  • Professional video marketing of your property
  • Social Media Marketing & exposure
  • Full time marketing department*
  • Call Capture – “text” marketing*
  • Personal & business Networking for property promotion*
  • Direct consumer “target” marketing

To include;


*Door to door canvassing (where appropriate)

*Direct mail campaigns

*Full time Real Estate Agents

*Full time social media department

*Full time marketing department

*Full time real estate broker support

*Negotiate & present ALL purchase offers

*Arrange for inspections, such as; home inspections & appraisals

*Schedule closings

*Arrange for all 3rd party vendors/services