This list does not cover EVERYTHING, but simply covers a few basic items. We are kinda "old" school, in the fact that we actually like to "talk" via the telephone, so feel free to call us directly at 678.770.5046 and discuss all of your comments, questions and concerns.

DO you really charge ONLY 3% in Listing commissions?

Yes, as long as the listed/selling price is at OR above $300K.

How can you possible charge so little?

Say Yes Realty, LLC charges less to sell your home. The typical total commission is 5% to 6%, with half paid to the seller’s agent and half to the buyer’s agent. Instead of charging 2.5% or 3% as a seller’s agent, Say Yes Realty, LLC charges 3.0% TOTAL. Period. We pay the selling agent 2% and we keep 1% as the listing company.


What listing services do you provide?

ALL of them - the same as every other company/broker and or agent, we just do it for 1/2 the costs.

Listed in the local MLS’(s)

High Impact yard sign installed

Lock box installed (for easy showings & track all showings)

Publish your property on hundreds of websites

Publish your home/property on its own website/page

Professional video marketing of your property

Social Media Marketing & exposure

Full time marketing department

Call Capture – “text” marketing

Personal & business Networking for property promotion

Direct consumer “target” marketing

To include;


Door to door canvassing (where appropriate)

Direct mail campaigns

Full time Real Estate Agents

Full time social media department

Full time marketing department

Full time real estate broker support

Negotiate & present purchase offers

Arrange for inspections, such as; home inspections & appraisals

Schedule closings

Arrange for all 3rd party vendors/services